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When is the best time to go?   Any time is a great time to go to Disney - if you're looking for a more quiet time though, avoid Christmas week and Easter Breaks.   Also avoid mid-June through early-August if you can't take the heat and the crowds.  Florida schools go back early, so mid/late August is good.   If you can, go in October and catch the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parade, or go the week after Thanksgiving (probably the best week there - virtually no crowd and beautifully decorated for the holidays).

Where should I stay?   Well, what is your budget?  Disney has something to fill every budget need, but keep in mind if you're looking for huge accomodations on a small budget, you're not going to get it.    Check out our Disney World Resorts page for recommendations.

Should I rent a car down there?   Well, the basic answer is you do not need a rental car down there.   However, we always rent a car.  

How far in advance should we plan?   AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE...the reason we say that is because you can plan ahead to figure out Character Breakfasts, etc.   We find that the 6 to 7 month point is the best time to book before your trip.  If you can book earlier, even better!

How far in advance can I make Character Dining reservations?   180 days prior.   BOOK ON EXACTLY THE 180th day prior to the day you want to go.   The Disney Dining line opens at 7AM daily.   If you're looking for breakfast at the castle, that sells out within the FIRST FIVE MINUTES of the day 60 days prior.   Others like Chef Mickey and Ohana fill up fast, but for an early seating, call as early as possible.

Should I stay on Disney property?   Our recommendation - YES!   Disney offers perks such as early (and now late) park hours exclusively for Disney Resort guests.    You cannot believe how much extra you can get done in that first hour!   

If a ride has an hour and a half wait, how will I know if it's worth it?   DO NOT STAND IN ANY LINE LONGER THAN 20 MINUTES!!!!  We never do, and always do everything we want.   With the introduction of Fastpass, you can plan out your logistics of what to do.   Grab a fastpass, go on a less crowded ride, and then do the Fastpass ride.   Get out of that ride, and repeat this logistical procedure often!

What is your favorite color?    Jim and Tyler's is blue, Tracey-Red and Kim-Purple.  Mickey is color blind, so I don't think he has one.   Thanks for asking though!

Which are the best parks to hit?   We like 'em all...Magic Kingdom is probably the favorite, but Epcot has tons to offer.   Many people say Epcot isn't for younger kids.   We disagree.   The kids love it there, and always have a great time.   Maybe the people taking the kids to Epcot aren't "for" younger kids (ha!).  MGM is a great experience, but you can do it in a day.   Animal Kingdom is tough to tolerate in the heat (not much shade or a/c), but make sure to hit the safari and the roaring rapids ride.  

Is FastPass any good?   FastPass is your magical gift from Disney - all the rides without the wait.   Let me walk you through the FastPass and how to maximize your options.  You can do it all - and still have a wonderful vacation!

You're going in the summer...isn't it hot?   Well, duh.   It's also hot in New Jersey, but we'd rather spend our time in Disney World being hot than in New Jersey.   In addition, when you have your strategies set on what to do in the parks, you can minimize wait times and spend time in a/c now and then to cool you off!