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Just announced - September 2008 - Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary (scheduled opening Fall 2009) and TreeHouse Villas at Saratoga Springs (Summer 2009 target)

Disney Vacation Club is basically a timeshare, but with a HECK of a lot more flexibility than normal timeshare.   You are buying points, not weeks, which means you have total flexibility.   What if you don’t want to stay in Disney World every year?   Easy…you can trade out to over 300 destinations World Wide including Hawaii and Europe.   You can also use your points at Disney Land, the Disney Cruise, Hilton Head (Disney Owned) or Vero Beach (Disney Owned).   

The minimum purchase for DVC is 150 points.   The points right now run about $112 per point.    It is deeded property for 50 years!    You can pay in cash or take a mortgage out on it (Disney financing is expensive, go for a personal or home equity loan from your bank).   Put pencil to paper though…150 points will get you a studio every year for about 8 to 10 days per year.  A studio will normally run about $300 - $350 per night.   If you stay 10 nights, that’s (gulp) $3,500 just for the hotel.    Do that for 5 years, and your DVC membership is paid for.   You get to enjoy the next 45 years of “prepaid vacations”…all you are paying is an annual maintenance fee (about $450 per year on 150 points).   Our biggest regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.

 Again, we’ve also stayed in Lake George on our points at a 5-star resort ($500 per night), but you can even use your points to stay at the Plaza Hotel in NYC, or wherever you’d like!

With DVC, you can also bank or borrow up to one year (respectively), maximizing your points for larger vacations (let’s say, if you want to vacation every other year, for example)…

If you’re down at Disney World, and you have a spare morning, take the no-pressure 90 minute DVC tour.   It truly is no-pressure…we were an “easy sell” and they still didn’t try and pressure us.  Our guide is Bruce Douglas…great guy…mention our name as a referral too (please!).    You’ll usually even get a free lunch or dinner for your time, even if you do not buy.    

 If you enjoy vacationing (not ONLY at Disney), check out DVC…it’s for anyone who likes to vacation (and if you don’t go on vacations – SHAME ON YOU!)